Citywide Black & White

I haven't had the chance to do photo shoots, or cover events in a while because I really wanted to focus on school, and work. I've really been digging the design world and I love what I'm doing so far, but I need photography too. There's got to be a happy in between right? but one can only juggle so much. 

BUT  I'm taking photo 2 this semester so there's some photography there that also means that once again, I'll be surrounded by black and white photographs for the most part. Don't get me wrong, You really get to appreciate how much color makes a difference to everything, and also the lack of. It's quite beautiful when it comes to photography. Film is somewhat of a lost art that not many get to do & learn much of nowadays. So I definitely encourage anyone to venture into it if they get the chance to. Anyways, I was looking at some photos that I never worked on, or did anything with this past summer and decided to just have some B & W fun with them. 

Photography by Victoria Turcios