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Culture Piece Magazine closed out Fashion Week MN this season with their first presentation, bringing the beautiful culture our city has to offer with all POC (people of color) which included their production team, models, MUA/hairstylists, and designers. Unexpected? Definitely not, this beautiful mix of culture and fashion is foretelling of what the fashion industry craves. Reality. 

With movements like Runway Riot that celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and color happening worldwide– Melatonin was our local game changer. Things are different when a viewer can personally connect with a model walking the runway. Maybe I speak for myself when I say this, but I left the show feeling more badass and capable of anything after the show.

The designs showcased a variety of patterns, silhouettes, and details styled with bold statement pieces such as all the sunglasses used that totally need to be a part of my personal collection. Can't wait to see what Culture Piece Magazine has in store for their next show.