Top: Men's Plaid top (thrifted @ Arc's Value Village) Jeans: Cali Cool Levi's 501ct Heels: Pammy Report Sig. Watch: Nixon  Sunglasses: Cliché

It's hard to try and pin-down what your personal style is when there's a million ways to go about dressing up each day. Even though I try to incorporate patterns and colors into my outfit more than ever before, I want to keep things real and honest with who I am. My go to outfit can be a combo of any of these: denim,  leggings, white tee, an oversized top (plaid or some sort of button-down) some sneakers, boots, and a simple handbag. I've got a few statement pieces but I usually only bring those out for special occasions or when I'm in the mood. 

As far as accessories go I rely heavily on bandanas, sunglasses, a watch, and anything silver– gold isn't my thing unless it's rose gold. Although my favorite color is red, I assure you my wardrobe is a sea of denim blues, and gradients of black-gray, with taupes and a few pops of color here and there. I guess my recent decision to add pink into my hair helps me out in the color department too, I'm loving it so far and I think it'll stay for a while.

When someone asks me what my personal style is like, the best way I can describe it is with the words classic, minimal, and timeless. I've come to learn that even if you like patterns and color, or prefer a minimal style there's no easy way to achieve such looks without knowing yourself well and adding some personal intentions into the mix. That takes time. Over the years I've learn to accept that and learn from myself, but I figured I'd let you guys in on a few extra details as far as my sense of style goes, and a few other of my favorite things. Hope you enjoyed the post & this look! 

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