Nasty Gal, Duluth Pack, ALDO, ASOS


Last week I had midterms, and I am so happy that we are already halfway through the semester. Today's moodboard has a cute outfit idea for whenever you're getting ready for school, I have a hard time trying to figure out how to piece together an outfit most mornings because I am either too tired or don't really care about looking good in class. I only have studio classes this semester so I don't usually dress up because I don't want to get ink, paint, or even clay on my clothes but every now and then I don't let that stop me.

I've seen pleated skirts everywhere lately, on magazines, online shops, even on tumblr. They are adorable. Specially the long ones, I don't think I'll buy a long pleated skirt online because I would need to be sure it's the correct length for my short frame so if you guys know a store here in MPLS that carries them please let me know!!

Anyways these skirts are so visually appealing due to the pleating because it adds more to the movement of the silhouette so you don't need much to make an outfit with a skirt like this to standout. I kept this look fairly minimal due to that reason. Pairing it with a cute white crew neck sweater with some metallic details from ASOS to match the metallic pink ALDO shoes. Most of the pleated skirts I've seen come up high at the waistline, use that to your advantage and tuck in your tops when wearing these it will add emphasis to your waistline giving you more dimension as well as complimenting your figure. White is such a problematic color to wear at times because 1. It can get dirty quite easily 2. It can grab too much attention (the whole white reflects light thing) 3. It could be too much on someone with really fair skin but when you use white in your wardrobe "correctly" then you can pretty much rock it with whatever the hell you want here's how:

1. Use white to make other parts of your outfit pop. Even if it's just small details white can be quite the wardrobe asset
2. Even if all you want to wear is white for a full outfit, make sure to add accessories or layering pieces that will neutralize the white (Colors that match perfectly with white: navy, gray, beige, brown, black, burgundy)
3. Off-white's are perfect for anyone who's got REALLY fair skin, if you don't want to look like you're coming from the Twilight movie cast off white's have warmer tones to them at times so it's helpful if this is something you're worried about. Now if you don't care (which girl you need to own that proudly) then just wear white to you heart's content with the previous tips in mind.

I also added a Duluth Pack backpack to the moodboard because a school outfit idea needs a backpack somewhere right? I currently own a Levi's Commuter backpack and although it is waterproof, comfortable, fits my laptop and is perfect for someone who rides bikes I do think that having another reliable backpack in case something happens to my Commuter pack would be ideal. The Duluth Pack items are handmade here in MN, they're made with canvas and leather. They also offer a wide variety of bag sizes and colors so you're bound to find something you like if you check them out. This outfit idea is obviously fairly easy achieve, I wanted t keep in mind that the weather is starting to cool down in many other places outside of MN so take this look as one of those transitional ones. Perfect to help keep you warm, comfortable and stylish all at once.

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Good vibes, always