If you like trucker jackets, ankle boots, and even cats then this week's moodboard is a must read post for you!

With the days starting to get cooler, people bring out their jackets and sweaters. I love a good denim jacket to start the fall with. My go to is the trucker jacket, originally made by Levi's of course. You all know how much I love the brand mainly due to the fact that a wide variety of their designs are made to be timeless, and the trucker is one of those.

Since we are focusing on how to pair a trucker jacket this week I'm going to give you guys two tips when looking for a denim jacket of any brand:

1. Make sure you know what cut you're looking for: This is a big deal because this can make or break an outfit idea you may have, like many other jackets denim ones can come in a cropped length or can be longer to cover the full length of the torso. If you're looking for something to layer up with and cover you in the later months of fall-winter a longer one will suffice, if you are petite/have a short torso or just want to give your outfit a more emphasized look towards your waistline then a cropped one will be the way to go. That being said I do recommend having one of each, you never know when you may need either one. 

2. Washes make a difference: "Wash/es" is a term commonly used when it comes to talking about colors of denim whether it be jeans or jackets. Most denim is a tone of blue, the deepest ones being an indigo dye. There are denim jackets that could literally be any color of the rainbow but if you're looking for a good old blue denim jacket and one that is worth your investment then you have to ask yourself how much you want to wear that year-round, and you have to keep in mind what colors you wear on a daily basis? Lighter denim washes look better in the spring-summer months and darker washes are paired better during fall-winter months. Both sides of the spectrum can workout year-round but only if paired with the correct outfit palette to really make them work.

I own a cropped, and a boyfriend cut (longer/relaxed fit for levi's) trucker jacket. I used to have a few more but I narrowed it down to just two because that's honestly all I felt my wardrobe needed, if you're looking to buy a denim jacket you know they aren't cheap this is why I recommend only having 1-3 if you really need them. I don't wear mine all of the time, but I do wear them enough that I know they're one of the top essentials for anyone's wardrobe. Sometimes a denim jacket is truly the only layering piece you need. It can be worn with dresses, rompers, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, you name it. If you can layer it you can trucker that baby! 

As unorthodox as the cat t-shirt looks it serves a purpose on this moodboard I promise, I decided to give you guys an outfit idea of how to wear a trucker with something else other than a pair of jeans and blouse. The look we are going for here is more of a fun/chic, street style kind of look. This rad skirt by TOBI is just super cute due to its chrome look with the pleaded and angular cut which is not something you see very often. I recently bought it because it's on sale so we will see how it looks in person but it's a steal so check it out. Everyone love's a good ankle boot especially to start the fall with and I also know that a lot of people truly love cats so that's why I picked the graphic tee. I may be allergic to them, but here in Minnesota we even have a cat video festival so since that's a thing I figured loving cat's is more a lifestyle to some out there and figured the tee would be appreciated by a few, you can find it at Urban Outfitters. 

On that note, have a rad weekend everyone and the links to shop this look are below