This post & cart are not sponsored by Levi's, it is a post showing my love for their products/brand and all that it has taught me.

Being one of the featured editors on the Mavatar startup has been quite an awesome experience so far. The latest shoppable cart on Mavatar is up & it's full of denim from Levi's, I've had the chance to work as a stylist at one of their stores and it has been quite the learning experience this past year. One that has taught me a lot about denim as well as styling outfits, so it's no wonder they're my favorite jeans. They just fit my body like no other jeans do, but the tips below should help with any brand or style of bottoms you enjoy wearing.

It all starts with finding the correct fit for your body type. That's one of the biggest problems women face, and believe it or not men also have a hard time finding jeans that compliment their bodies but the correct pieces can help you style a variety of outfits. 


"I"  Shape: Jeans that work well for this body type are the lower rise items, skip the curvier fits unless you've tried them on and can see that there is no unflattering extra material on the leg and on the area under the buttox. The use of belts is always a plus to help emphasize the waistline.

Average/Athletic: Average is just the in-between of the curves so you could deal with all the problems but have a lot of options as well, what usually works best for someone with this body type are mid-rise jeans to cover any problems with pinching at the hips. Some individuals with more of an athletic body type have the same problems that those have under the "I" body type where there may be excessive material under the buttox but with the difference that they may need more room for the calfs or thighs. Jeans that have stretch in them help with mobility as well as the comfort if you're mainly looking for a skinny jean. Otherwise I advice looking at the slim cuts or straights with slightly bigger leg openings.

  • Keep in mind that excess fabric can also just mean that the jeans are either a size too big, or they're not the correct length for you. Try a size down or length shorter to see the difference. 

 Curvy: Whatever size you may be, if you're curvy it's a struggle to find jeans. Love your curves nonetheless. Jeans for this body type may fit well at the hip and horribly around your behind, and vice versa. The best cuts to look for are mainly those that have a mid-rise or a high-rise because they will help make up for the difference between your hips and your natural waistline. These are the main reasons you may have a problem with gapping or pinching. I advice to avoid the lower rises because many times they will create the uncomfortable "muffin-top" & gap but if it's a rise you feel comfortable with and it works for you, rock it. 

Ultimately you want to feel your best to look your best. If something doesn't feel okay, try something else or just stick to what you know works for you. These here as just simple pointers I've learned through my job, and find to be quite helpful no matter what jeans you're trying on. As far as cuts go, relaxed (boyfriend style), skinnies and slims are all the rave right now but having a boot cut or straight fit are essentials that could come in handy depending the occasion. Let me know what you guys think and if you want me to share some details on body types and fits for guys in the comments below, or through e-mail I'll gladly share those pointers as well!