Le Mini Macaron Gel Kit

  Hey beautiful people! I wanted to share my experience/review of this new product out there that I found thanks to the amazing KICKSTARTER community. Simply put it's an awesome website where artists/entrepreneurs of all sorts put up a campaign and try to get funding to make their campaign happen. It's pretty awesome, so check it out if you guys have time.  If that doesn't help, just click the name and it will direct you to the site and everything will make more sense.

  So far I have invested in the ALEX bottle & the LMM Gel Kit. I haven't received my water bottle yet (pretty sad about that), but I did receive the gel kit the Friday of Mother's Day weekend & it was a life saver. Instead of taking her to a jam-packed salon that Sunday I gave my Mom a manicure at home, and we had so much fun because it was my first time using it. On top of having quality time, she thought it was the cutest thing ever. 

 This kit was quite inexpensive when you really think about it, in total I payed $25 for the EARLY BIRD Strawberry Pink Kit + $25 for three extra gel colors that were optional. If you've ever gone to a salon and decided to get a Mani, Mani-Pedi, or whatever includes "Gel" you know that it gets ridiculously expensive they can easily go from $55-100. There are also plenty of gel kits out there, just search on Amazon and you'll find plenty but hardly ever will you find a One-Step portable and affordable kit. In their shop you can either buy the starter packages ($75), or the nail kits ($35) which only come with one gel polish color. The packaging for the Strawberry kit looks sort of like this, that's not how it comes packaged though I had already opened it at this point (click to enlarge) :

  It's smart packaging, it has all the details of what comes with it, the ingredients, blah blah blah. All that good stuff. Yes it's an LED light not a UV, I personally prefer the LED, it works great. That dilemma has never really been a problem to me but if you don't prep your nails correctly, it won't matter how expensive the kit is, or what light you use to cure the nail polish it will chip. Read more about it on  ALLURE they had some cool things to say about the whole LED vs UV dilemma.

   They included instructions so they have us covered in that department. They look like this, and they do help a lot actually so please read them if you get it or have the kit.

  My overall rating of this product is a 4.5/5, here's why:


1. The packaging is easy to open, that's a huge plus for me because if it means I don't have to bring out the heavy artillery (scissors, knife, etc) then I'm a happy camper.

2. The lamp turns off automatically after 30 seconds which is all you need to cure the gel polish. It basically does it all for you!

3. The macaroon opens up so you can use it as a pedi gel kit!! Hello? Who doesn't love a   2-in-1 deal?!

4. They give you all the essentials, besides the gel polish and lamp you also get the filer, manicure stick, and even the gel nail polish removers. These come in their own super cute packaging that sticks around your finger nail. You're supposed to leave it on for like 10-15 minutes I believe but I was too impatient for that so I did end up having to scrape some of the gel still left on my nails, but they do work!  


I got the cherry red, strawberry pink (included in kit), the rose creme, and caramel. 

1. Take in mind that they just started so the amount of gel polishes they offer are very minimal, so for those of you who want a whole range of colors you might have to wait a while but they do have a purple, green, and yellow if I am correct I just didn't see it on their shop. 

2. You NEED a power source. I totally understand that the LED lamp needs a power source but maybe for a future macaroon they could have like a charging kind because sometimes we either don't have our computers with us, or a plug nearby. Specially for the fab girl who travels a lot or whatever this one is more of a personal con.

 That's it for the pros/cons, I honestly sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what I didn't like about this product and I had nothing. I was fair and gave it a 4.5/5 though, mainly because it just came out & any start-up has plenty of room for improvement. I mean it's a nail kit after all, they can only go up from here. I did want to leave you guys with some tips for those of you who own it, or may want to buy it after reading this review.


1. If you're one of those gals who love to lather it on thick with nail polish, don't, I repeat DO NOT do this with this gel kit. It won't last, you'll get these air bubbles under the nail polish even after you cure it, and it will chip. How do I know this happens you might ask? Because I did it the first time around. Make it a two layer deal, like it says on the instructions but make sure you do very thin layers. I noticed the nail polishes are pretty rich in color so you may not even need the two layers. 

2. Clean your nail, go the distance for this. Wash them well, DRY THEM WELL, file them even if they're clean and have no nail polish residue on them. It will help your mani or pedi last longer.

3. Don't overdo it with the lamp. I know they have received complaints about the lamp overheating but that must be because some people may be overdoing it. It's a small little place for one nail, but the lamp cures in 30 seconds and shuts off automatically. Do one nail at a time, and give you fingers time in between so you don't feel like they're on fire. It honestly wasn't a problem for me, but my mom and I both noticed that it would affect certain fingers differently. Some would feel warm in there, and nothing with our other digits– weird right? 

Overall, I love this kit and I am happy with the $50 I invested on it, it will save me more than that while I own it. Thanks for reading this review, I really hope you guys try this kit out. You will save yourselves so much money by owning your own kit even if it isn't this specific one. It's not time consuming whatsoever, if you have a half hour to an hour in your hands with nothing to do it's a nice way to pamper yourself.  Don't forget to subscribe if you want to read more of my posts, and if you have anymore questions on this product leave a comment below!