Levi's, UO, NASTY GAL, Converse  

Levi's, UO, NASTY GAL, Converse  


Hey everyone, I know it's a day late but I decided to snuggle up in bed after work yesterday because I've been sick all week. I think it's the flu, or laryngitis...something gross and it's taken its sweet time to go away. I almost skipped doing a mood board this week but that just didn't feel right so here you go.

Black & navy is slowly but surely becoming the new black & white. A true navy blue is such a rich color, but it's quite easy to work with as well. It makes any outfit look well put together specially if it's paired with black outfit pieces or if you prefer even white, and grays as well as vibrant summer colors (salmon pink, mint green, violet) so the possibilities are endless. I think the versatility of this color is what is really making it more of a staple trend now.

This outfit idea is more of a casual layered look, navy is a versatile color so you can dress it up or down depending on what occasion you're dressing for. This is also a color that looks really well on quite a variety of skin tones, from very fair skin to olive and darker tones. It brings out the little things like your eye color, hair color, or even the makeup you're wearing. It doesn't overpower when paired with black too so if you're afraid it'll make you look really pale or if it's too much color the black helps balance it out.

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Good vibes, Always