Flannel (thrifted @ Arc's Value Village) Jeans (Levi's 721) Shoes (Dolce Vita) Watch (Nixon)

The one thing I've come to learn and value over the last couple of years is the importance of staying true to yourself. Not only did I start to see that as a personal value in the industry of blogging but also in the field of photography, graphic design, and the visual arts in general that included my work or name. You can be inspired by many individuals or things, but never stray from creating things that have your touch and values included and that goes for anything you do with your life.

As cheesy as that sounds, this is why I wanted to share this look. Here's a peek at what I wear close to a daily basis, and why I love it. Believe it or not, my hair tends to be up in a bun most days, I try to do my makeup but I'm no pro at it, my outfits are minimal 5 out of the 7 days of the week, and comfort is the highest priority throughout my days. I would rather wear a flannel and Levi's over anything else, hence the reason my blog and Instagram feed is full of my obvious obsession with wearing denim for almost every look I share. 

Some of you may be like ew why does she feel comfortable in jeans? But truly denim, and mainly Levi's have become like my second skin. I think that with denim it's important to find a brand that helps give you a boost of confidence and comfort. I also dig silver, velvet, sequins, and have an obsession with sunnies, handbags and shoes but when it comes down to it I'd wear this everyday if I could.

This is my go to look and what I feel most comfortable in, so if you dig the same thing then go out there and slay babes (dudes too). Don't forget to stay true to yourself, trust me at the end of the day nothing else will make you happier than that.


Good vibes, always