I love to sleep, eat, and take time to care for my health & body which is sometimes easier said than done so here's a bit of lip love for everyone! We just got flurries today so winter is officially here and one thing I completely hate about winter is having chapped lips. It's not cute, and sometimes if they're really bad it hurts. Since I do have braces my lips do dry out quicker, I have no idea why that's a thing but it is and on top of that we have frigid winters in MN so if you're like me and want to keep your lips healthy here are some of my top lip products for you to enjoy that will keep your lips moisturized this winter.

Not all of these have to be used by girls, there's one that guys can purchase too & it's #1

1. HEMP Lip Conditioner, The Body Shop: This is the one product that I swear by! This lip balm is the best as far as moisturizing lips go. It is made with quite a lot of natural ingredients some of which are coconut oil, and cannabis sativa seed oil. No you won't smell like weed when you wear it, if you're against hemp based products the only recommendation I have for you is that you don't yuck this balm unless you've tried it. The cannabis seed oil serves as a strong moisturizing component. It lasts a good hour or two when applied. It has a soothing scent which is not overpowering whatsoever. This comes in handy during really dry weather, and it lasts a long time too because you don't need much of it.

2. Sugar HONEY, Fresh: If you want some color plus the moisture benefits the following are lip balms you want to try out. I recently found this product at Sephora. It's a moisturizing tinted lip balm. It has SPF 15 protection, and it also has natural components such as sugar and a blend of nourishing oils which help lock moisture in. This one smells like fruit mixed with flowers, it's actually a beautiful scent and it's not strong either. The one I own, HONEY has more of a warm nude tint to it (picture in upper left.) If you don't think this product suits your needs and want something else try out MAYBELLINE NY Baby Lips , those are my second favorite tinted balm products and most drugstores carry it. Below is a picture of how those look on:

5. Rouge Artist Intese #48 Satin Blackcurrant, Makeup Forever: If you're looking for a dark lipstick perfect to pair up with fall/winter fashion this one is it. It's dark enough where you don't necessarily need to coat your lips more than once, maybe twice. It is a gorgeous burgundy but it has more of a purple undertone to it. It is moisturizing and doesn't dry up your lips which is sometimes the case with saturated colored lipsticks. The glossy finish really makes your lips look more plump without all that added chemical too, and it has a slight scent similar to Cherrywine which I love so if you guys have not tried this drink do that too. You can find this one at Sephora.

6. LOREDANA lip gloss, Shea Moisture: This lip gloss is very transparent, but it has a nice soft burgundy tone to it. If you don't feel ready to wear the really dark toned lipsticks than here's a nice go to, the color is very transparent but still gives your lips color. You can get this on their website but I got it at Target. Right now there is a sale for it just click the following link:  20% beauty purchase w/ Target I also have a set of liquid lip glosses from Urban Outfitters that I really like, that's the red colored gloss picture below, unfortunately I couldn't find those on their site so here's a different set of liquid glosses they carry, STILA set these glosses aren't moisturizing but they do lock moisture in and are quite beautiful colors

I hope you all stay warm this winter & give your lips, as well as yourselves lots of love! Don't forget to subscribe below to stay in the loop. The illustrations on this post are some I made recently while thinking of what to write about, what do you guys think?

If you have any questions or have your own recommendations for lip products I should try out comment below!