I found Dannon on Instagram, besides the rad name for her blog which I am very fond of she has quite a sense of style too! She's a makeup artist and she has awesome youtube beauty tutorials available if you need any help in that department. I like to keep my looks well balanced & for the most part they contain black, white, gray, or nude tones and if you want to look for a fellow style blogger with a similar palette then Dannon's blog is one you should check out. Besides her beauty & fashion talents, she's beautiful and seems to be quite a wonderful person to meet I know she's in SC not exactly close but maybe someday I'll get a chance to run into her. 


The daily looks that Danielle posts are majorly awesome. Specially given the fact that she lives in NY gives me a look into the Big Apple and what I would see people strutting in on a daily basis when I see her posts. She has a love for vintage and fun pieces to wear which is what mainly drew me to her blog. I am obviously not as tall as her so I can't rock bell bottoms the way she can but she's got a unique sense of style that I really enjoy keeping up with. 




Now for a local blogger who's posts I always enjoy reading, I've actually ran into Daveee a couple of times and finally had the courage to introduce myself about two months ago, she's a total sweetheart and a style maven in my eyes. Her style is very modern with a kick of class and attitude. She's always strutting in rad shoes, and has amazing hair too so style advice is something I wouldn't hesitate to receive from her. 


Just over the northern border you can find Justine in Canada.  I started following her on Instagram about a year ago now I believe, she has an awesome feed so you guys should check it out. I think the thing about Justine's style that really got me was the way she works with the minimal tones and pieces in her wardrobe to create looks that will make you do a double take. Plus her balayage is totally goals with the ashy tones she's got. Something I really dig about her is how obvious it is that loves her readers & followers and will reply to comments and thank people, I think thats quite the trait to have and be able to have a communication with those who follow what you do because it makes you more real and approachable than letting that get to your head. 

Courtney Trop's style is effortless & inspired from various aspects of her life. If you read why she started her blog, it's the main thing I connect to. Blogging has given me a chance to expose my style and explore it more in a personal level as well as sharing it. Her blog & interests revolve around music, fashion. If you see her looks they're all pieced together very well, whether it's a comfortable look, with statement pieces, or patterns. She enjoys showing the various sides of her style preference which is something you can't put in a box. That's what I mainly like about her style, it's unique.

There you have it, these are the ladies I mainly follow in the fashion blogger world. They're all really rad, but have different tastes & ways of showcasing their style. I think it's important to have or follow people who inspire you, with that said it doesn't mean go ahead and copy what they do instead learn from them. Take note and do your own thing with it. I encourage you to check them out the links to their blogs are available by clicking their names. All the artwork for this post is by yours truly, hope you enjoyed this post!


Good vibes, always