Good Cop(per), Bad cop

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more than just a pretty pitcher

I've been drinking water from a copper pitcher for two months now and I'm loving the positive changes this Ayuverdic practice is bringing into my life.

I'll admit that when Jessica, the CEO of Shantiva reached out to me to give their copper pitcher a try I was skeptic. I took my time, did my re-search and it triggered my interest. At first, I wanted to give the pitcher a one month trial to see if I noticed any changes to share with you guys. One detail I forgot to keep in mind before taking the campaign was that I would receive it during fashion week– one of the busiest times of the year for me where I COMPLETELY forget to get enough sleep, hydrate, and tend to keep a horrible diet. I literally ate pizza 6 days in a row during my event season this time around. Yum & yuck.

A month of using Shantiva wasn't giving me any results because I wasn't taking care of myself. Now that I've given it enough time to work its magic, I understand how drinking water from a copper pitcher can be beneficial.

I keep my copper pitcher filled and in the fridge, then have a glass of water in the morning before breakfast and then again before bed. I've also had the chance to get back to my workout routine at Alchemy, as well as staying hydrated and mindful of what I'm eating. What's really caught my attention is how much of a change it's made to my skin & digestion.

  • With the pitcher infusing water with ions, anti-oxidants & anti-bacterial properties aded onto a new skin regiment this dynamic combo has resulted in minimized blemishes and inflammation.

  • My digestion has also improved and while I've made changes to my diet, they have been very minimal and I don't have another explanation for the improvement.

When taken seriously this Ayuverdic practice can be quite beneficial. That being said, make sure to do your research before including a copper pitcher into your lifestyle so you know the best practices with that will suit your lifestyle and provide your body with the amount of copper it needs. I'm excited to see what other improvements I notice as I continue to use my copper pitcher and will keep you guys informed but send any questions my way if you're thinking of investing in a Shantiva pitcher yourself.