I've always had curly hair, at times it would be more on the wavy side and then it would be unmanageable, tight curly locks. When I reached the good old USA, I started noticing that more than half the girls I went to middle school with had straight hair. It was everywhere. As soon as I could get my hands on a hair straightener, I got one. After that it was a rarity to see my frizzy curly locks, ever. I got to high school and that cycle kept going, it felt wrong not to have straight hair. I would always get compliments on it, and it simply made me feel pretty which wasn't the case with my curls.

It wasn't until my senior year that I decided to put down the hot tools and let my hair be. All those years of straightening it payed off with my curls being a dry frizzy mess, that I had no clue how to deal with. There are still days when I dislike it, but then I remind myself that my curly hair is as much part of who I am, and who I want to be than the version I used to force myself to be. Let me point out that that there is nothing wrong with straight hair, I'll be the first to tell you it's beautiful but the way society views it as a standard for beauty is harmful for any girl who wasn't born with anything other than straight hair. That's how you end up with hundreds, if not millions of girls telling you the same story of how they aren't satisfied with what they were born with. I still straighten my hair at times but I know I've broken that cycle because it's become a rarity.

My curls grow and change along with my personality. It is a symbol for how sassy and unique I am, or at least I'll keep telling myself that. I recently got a trim and while looking in the mirror, I finally realized that I am able to say I like my curls. Now I enjoy the way they do whatever the hell they want and heck, I even feel like I look a bit more badass with them which means I've won half the battle. It's definitely a personal success. Climbing up that ladder of self-esteem is rough enough as it is so trust me when I tell you that there's more strength in accepting yourself the way you are, or trying to better yourself in a healthy manner than doing the opposite.

Curly hair takes a bit more effort to maintain, and keep healthy so here's a few tips on what I do to manage mine a bit better. Feel free to comment below, I would love to know what you gals do with your locks or what your stories are!


-Conditioner is your hair's best friend!!! Shampoo your hair, but not every single time you wash it. It dries your curls easily.

-I won't tell you guys not to brush your hair but I never do unless it's in the shower, with a detangling brush while my hair is full of conditioner so it doesn't snag.

-Finding a hairdresser who knows how to cut curly hair is VITAL in having manageable curls, I didn't have that until I met my current hairdressers and trust me I have horrible stories about my previous experiences so it's very important to find someone who knows what they're doing (I go to the Chair Salon in MPLS and my glam squad includes Michael, Brigitte, Kate, & Joey)


I've recently changed a lot of the products I use, which has helped keep my hair looking better and less frizzy. 

Although I mainly use AVEDA now, my alternative is PALMER's products for curly hair. I still use their Hair Milk product to style it on the daily.


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Good vibes, always