MILLIONEIRESS beanie, REWIND VINTAGE denim top, LEVI'S tee & jeans

Received some really exciting news last weekend about a new opportunity as a style blogger. I'm officially a brand influencer for the MILLIONEIRESS brand by Leah Kirsch, a radical brand that began in 2013 all from a quote that inspired her to strive for her dreams as well as empower other women worldwide to be the badasses they want to become. "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first," the quote which I also take to heart fully.

By loving yourself, you can accept any challenge that comes your way whether it's personal, life or work related. I know that saying that is easier said than done since we are such complicated human beings, and it's something that takes time but that journey you take on for yourself is well worth it. Giving yourself the chance to do this means that nothing in the world can tear you down, and that makes others around you notice just how strong you can be.

Those of you who are subscribers to the blog will see this first, and then those who follow my social media but I have an exclusive discount code for all of you no matter when you get to read this! The dudes can check them out too, support this awesome movement by empowering the ladies in your life. Don't forget to stay humble in the process of becoming the badass, girlboss, or queen you want to be ladies and go check out the MILLIONEIRESS site to get yourself a little something with the discount code below:



click here to shop the Millioneiress site


Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog & adventures since last year, it means more to me than you know. I hope to be able to keep sharing these awesome opportunities with you all. Feel free to comment or subscribe below.

Good vibes, always

Pssst...if you get this far down you're the first to know that I'll be giving one of these away soon! So stay tuned for further details ;)