I know the look I have on is nowhere near being sixties fashion don't worry, this post is about how happy I was that we hit sixty degree weather this weekend! It was still windy, but not as cold as it was last week. To put it more into perspective, there was snow everywhere at this time last year. 

For this look I kept it fairly simple. Lightly layered to stay warm with a graphic crew which is actually one of my favorites, the LA graphic reminds me that I have to travel to CA soon and check it out. I even brought out the fun Steve Madden open-toed NONSTP booties that's how lovely the weather was. I decided to wear a darker wash of the 501ct because darker denim tends to suit fall/winter tones better than light washes, and instead of cuffing for this one I just rolled it up to give it a more modern/effortless look. Since it was so nice I wanted to add a pop of color and paired this outfit with the burgundy Seve Madden cross-body bag which works well with the ensemble due to the darker tones mixed with neutrals for a balanced look, as well as the black hat to tie it all together. 

Let me know what you guys think of this look below, or on the Instagram & Tumblr feed. Hope you all have a rad Monday!  


Good vibes, always