Blazers were always something I connected to business women, money and just about anyone who wanted to give off that "hey I am wealthy, and classy" look but then again I think that growing up I connected mostly anything having to do with fashion to pretty girls and a good economic status. Those were the preconceived notions I had based on this piece of clothing, or "personal mental barriers" I guess suits it better. I am neither wealthy, nor have a 9-5 job that pays off everything I own and need. My most priced possessions are a Nikon, Macbook Pro, and my bicycle the only one of the three that I actually payed for myself. My biggest investment thus far in my 20 years of life has been on my own education, my braces (yes I am an adult with braces), as well as my closet although that I am not exactly too proud of because I have spent more money on clothes and specially shoes than I should've the last couple of years and as #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso says "Money looks better in the bank than on your feet,"  which is something I have learned to understand the last two years.

So when you see me posting about fashion such as what I wear, own, and how it may be on sale or how it's a good deal I do so because I know that there is no way that I am the only one with the same problems. Paying for school, bills, whatever it may be and still wanting to dress well, wanting to treat yourself every now and then is not a crime but it also shouldn't mean you're burning through your savings just for a brand name item. 

MOTH ODDITIES before I knew who they were, it was just this Instagram account I followed that would always have great photos, with really cool clothes. Doing a bit more research I realized that they were a vintage focused MPLS online-based shop. I went to one of their sales a month ago or so now and got quite a few items, that's where I got this lovely blazer and got to meet the owners Yana & Ian who are probably some of the most down to earth, good people I've met this year. You guys should definitely check them out, it's worth your time if not because of the clothes then because the owners are just so rad.

So this blazer, I believe I only payed $4 for it, is my very first blazer. It wasn't about economic status anymore, whether or not I was classy or pretty enough to wear it. Questioning whether I should buy it or not was the moment where those mental barriers flooded my head as my friend DeAndre kept assuring me that if I liked it then I would make it work. Now it's mine, and it's a piece worthy of being in my closet because despite the fact that it was another investment towards my already full closet it stands for much more than just a blazer. This look, layered with contrasting tones (totally color blocking) was fun because I got to wear these white shorts to really make the color of the blazer stand out. Whoever said you can't wear white after Labor Day was obviously wrong, because white can really help make those fall tones pop. Call it street-style, chic, grunge, whatever you want but this outfit was more of a personal move forward away from those preconcieved notions of blazers and economic status.

Visual Vitality and I are babies when it comes to fashion & style blogging but my style advice focuses on basic pieces and easy to achieve looks because style is not defined by a price tag. You are you and nobody else can do you better than yourself. So make the best with what you've got whether it's vintage, sale items, a hand me down or even the latest/trendy stuff and style away to your personal taste. Fashion should not cost you your next bill or the food you need to survive the month my dear readers, that's not what makes you a fashionista/fashionisto. Good vibes, always.