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Your body is your temple, decorate it how you please- tattoos, piercings, dress it with whatever you want.

Photos by Margo Winter

As women, it's simply a fact that everything from labels to expectations are thrown our way daily. What we decide to wear shouldn't be anyone else's decision but our own. 

The sequin bodysuit and silver boot combo is definitely a statement, and possibly the definition of "EXTRA" but I am in love with how this look makes me feel that I am capable of anything.

Being ourselves unapologetically and loving it should also include our wardrobe, it is one of the first things people take in visually to perceive who you are. So fill up your closet with pieces that help you feel good and shine your way through life. Actually, forget good. Fill it with pieces that make you feel rad, unstoppable, and worthy of everything the world has to offer.