TOPSHOP, Millioneiress, Nasty Gal

TOPSHOP, Millioneiress, Nasty Gal


Fringe is one of my favorite styles but it's hard to find pieces that don't look tacky, it's also one of the fashion trends that can easily look cheap so that makes it even more important to find the correct outfit combinations to make it work as well as making it look intentional. So bring on the fringe!

This outfit has a bit more spunk to it with a street style essence, the color combo and the graphic crop are so rad. Imagine wearing this outfit and walking down the street, it would be hard not to love it. Are you forreal? Yes I am.

The fringe on the skirt and the clutch help bring movement to your silhouette and the difference in color for both pieces would contrast so the details don't get lost in all the movement. This outfit idea works because the color combination of black and red is a classy and sexy staple,so the fringe doesn't look tacky or too much and the shoes help balance the dark ensemble. Let me know what you guys think of the outfit idea or fringe below.

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Good vibes, always