EXPRESS, Report Signature, TargetStyle, Levis

EXPRESS, Report Signature, TargetStyle, Levis


This week's moodboard is keeping things very minimal while taking in inspiration from chic street looks. I wanted to share a moodboard with the colors I wear on more of a daily basis which tend to be black, gray, and whites. One of my first CollegeFashionista posts this fall mentioned how I really don't own too many colorful pieces of clothing, but the ones I have are things I usually find while thrifting or it ends up being a color I truly like. This week I'm slightly cheating because I actually own all of the items shown which is usually not the case but that way I get a chance to show you guys this look in action.

An outfit like this can be versatile, you can wear it at home for a lazy day (without the heels of course) or to go out. The EXPRESS sweater is one of my favorites this season, it's so soft that it's hard for me to not wear it. Another perk to having sweaters like this is that you can layer it over anything or nothing. You can wear it over a dress this fall, tank tops, or simply over a bralette or sports bra after a workout. I am wearing a size XS for the sweater, so it is quite oversized and it still has some wiggle room but that's not a complaint whatsoever.  

For the bottoms I picked my recent 711 pair because I really dig the whole minimal distressed look they have going on. These Levi's only come in a 32" length even though they're already frayed and seemed to be shorter they were still too long for me so I cut them myself. I think I took a good 4" off. When I did that the fraying was gone obviously so I used sandpaper to fraye them again which is super easy to do and also added a few more cuts on the leg for a further distressed look. Let's not forget the heels, I wore them to a wedding about 2 weeks ago and I never took them off. On top of being in trend with the whole marble look, these are very comfortable the heel is about 3 1/2" tall so you'll get some height but without killing your feet because of the support that the heel's width adds.

This is something I'd wear on the daily, it's just overall comfortable. Where/who/what I draw inspiration from has a lot to do with how I style my outfits whether it's making things a little chic, boho, or whatever I'm in the mood for but I also believe you have to take your personal sense of style and what you know to make you wardrobe yours so here is this street styled inspired outfit with a chic kick to it for you guys. Let me know what you think on the comments below, or on my Instagram feed. These go live on IG every Friday just like on the blog. Below the moodboard are the links to purchase these items, lucky for all of you I noticed they've all gone on sale so definitely check them out if you enjoy how they look individually or how I pieced them together.


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