Wearing the Dive Bar Ringly

The first time I heard of Ringly, was around the time I started my blog back in 2014. I believe that's around the same time they started rolling out their products too but man they caught my attention. First of all, they weren't only about technology. This brand cared about how they were presenting their image via social media, and how they were helping solve a problem. As a graphic designer I was hooked instantly due to the minimal yet visually appealing logo and overall branding. Then the style blogger part me saw the advantage to having a stylish, wearable device that would let me stay connected while being away from my phone. 

I've only had my Ringly for about a week or two now so I've arrived late to the party but I've noticed drastic changes on how I interact with my phone as well as my overall use of technology. This isn't an ad or collaboration with them so this is my no strings attached review and although I'm pretty in love with it there are some things that could be added or changed. I'd love to see a wider selection of non-(yellow)gold rings or bracelets. This is more of a personal aesthetic thing since I prefer silver, darker stainless steel, rose/white gold so if you feel the same way just be aware your options are limited. Oh and dudes, for the time being this isn't a brand for you so that's also a downside. 

Now for the rad stuff, this is a water resistant activity tracker and that's an instant win on my books. You can customize the s#*& out of this. Not the actual design but how you get notified. You pick the vibration pattern and color of light for each notification you get in case you forget what each vibration means like myself. Aside from major social apps your options also include Airbnb, Tinder, Uber and Lyft. Also, if you've got something important going on and only want to know if specific people are trying to reach you that can be adjusted. Nifty right? 

Since I started wearing it I don't have the urge to check my phone constantly, I can leave it in my bag during yoga, at meetings, when I'm with my family or friends, and even at work. I'm simply living in the moment. What a crazy concept right? As ridiculous as it sounds, we are all aware that cell phones have become like another appendage to us. Technology will only keep evolving so what Ringly is doing is game changing here because they saw a problem and are solving it, not only with a very strong design but with style, aesthetics, and lifestyle in mind. They're giving us a chance to take control back on the technology we use every single day, so even if you aren't someone who's very tech-savvy, a blogger, socialite, etc this could be the best investment and addition to your jewelry box. It certainly is for me.