As the holiday's are right around the corner, many people have no idea what to get their loved ones. I am one of those people. My friends and family all have very different likes/dislikes so that usually sends me running to various different stores looking for things but with finals, work, and life in general gift shopping is nearly impossible. So I figured having a gift guide for this week's moodboard would also help some of you find gifts for people with enough time before the holidays. Hope these help & have a rad holiday no matter what you celebrate!

1) Ocean Salt Cleanser: We all know someone who is either really into beauty products, or takes very good care of their body & face. This is the perfect gift for them, it's basically an all in one product with cleansing scrub qualities, I recently started using it and it works wonders. I noticed my skin cleared up much more just by adding this into my beauty routine. This product also lasts a long time and it has about a year of quality before it expires which is very different from most LUSH products. I also recommend Angels On Bare Skin if you need something that is not a scrub but that still has cleansing qualities to gift.

2) Portable Charger: The sad reality is that we are connected to our phones 24/7 and our devices need to charge up at some point.  I don't think it needs much explanation but these are perfect cheap/small gifts if you know someone who's always complaining about their phones dying on them. They come in a variety of designs but marble is all the rave right now so I think anyone would love this one from Urban Outfitters.


3) Denim: Denim jeans are probably one of the things that most people need. You can't go wrong with gifting a pair of jeans specially to someone who complains of not having a pair that fit them correctly. Since I am a Levi's stylist here are the looks that have been really popular in case you guys decide to go with a good old pair of Levi's for your loved ones. The 541 for men, this one is a relaxed fit with a modern taper so you don't have all the slack at the leg which most relaxed fits tend to have. For the ladies, check out the 711's for that comfortable skinny jean, it's a mid-rise fitting a variety of body shapes. Gift cards to whatever denim store you think they'll like shopping at are a good substitute for this gift idea as well.



4) BACKPACKS: Most people end up having plans to travel more all of the time or they make that a New Year's resolution. Good quality backpacks are perfect gifts for someone who travels a lot or is planning to because they can be used as carry-ons and sometimes one bag is all people need luggage wise for smaller trips. Duluth Pack backpacks are some of the best ones in the midwest market in my opinion, they do offer a design in waxed canvas which makes it water resistant so take a look at their various products to find the right one for gifting.