Tessa Louise, Levi's, Tretorn

Last Friday's moodboard was pretty much all about a pair of burgundy colored leggings by Rag & Bone and how using neutral pieces can help you guys achieve a good outfit when using bottoms of that color whether you have them already or are looking to buy. I am obviously obsessed with this color recently and it was all due to this top that I got to buy over at the Showroom MPLS by the amazing Tessa Louise. Little did I know that this top or a version of it would be making its way down the runway at the ENVISION fashion show a couple weeks ago, I also own a pair of leggings that have pleather on the sides (the ones I wore to the HOMME show during fashion week as well) and I love them they're good quality, not see through whatsoever which is something hard to find sometimes, the design was also something that connected with my personal taste/style.

I wanted to share a picture of the top with you guys and how I've styled it because I think you would enjoy Tessa's designs as much as I have, not only is she a local designer here in Minnesota but her designs are quite beautiful to see and wear. The way they drape over the women's body and the minimal designs are so comfortable and easy to wear. Below are some of the looks she released for the fall they're all on her website's shop, aren't they rad? 

If you guys are all into this burgundy fall tone and are in need some of it in your wardrobe feel free to check out the latest Mavatar cart I created with plenty of items to help with ideas on where to shop for them or to inspire you guys with more outfit ideas.