Oh America, it's been a rough last couple of days so I've decided to press the pause button on all that and share some fun things with you guys. Below are 5 tips to help you guys thrift easily and find rad pieces.

Boots (Zara) Jeans (Levi's) Coat+Tshirt (locally thrifted @ Buffalo Exchange) Watch (Nixon) Sunnies (Cliche)

Thrifting feels magical, that may sound dramatic but truly sometimes it does feel that way. This past weekend I went out thrifting looking for a jacket. I had recently posted a moodboard on IG sharing some fabulous pieces in all shades pink including a bomber, and VOILA! I found a long bomber jacket in pristine condition on that shopping trip. It was meant to be.

When you think of thrifting or vintage shopping, think about how you're diminishing your footprint on the planet. That's right, it's eco-friendly! You are re-using, re-cycling or up-cycling if you prefer but you're doing something rad for the environment so go ahead and pat yourself on the shoulder. My favorite part about thrifting is that I get to bring a piece of clothing or accessory new life even if somebody else didn't want it anymore. Now for the tips:

  1. Clear mind, and patience : Keep an open mind. Thrifting can be time consuming and you don't find things you're head over heels for right away sometimes. Certain shops carry too many things so that in turn means you have to spend more time looking.

  2. Treasure hunt anyone?: Think of these shops as a playground, and you're about to play a treasure hunt to which you need a map to get to the treasure first. I have found that it's best to go into thrifting mode at least with an idea of what to look for. Remember everything is one of a kind, so it helps to know what to look for.

  3. Brands Aren't Everything: Don't worry about them. There have been some amazing pieces that I've found before that are brands I had never even heard of, or no longer exist. Then again I have found items that are from PRADA, ARAMANI, etc all thanks to thrifting that I couldn't afford otherwise but brands are not everything, and that's okay just slay when you style your newly purchased pieces.

  4. INSPECT+TRY: Anything you grab off the racks or shelves at thrift stores try it on, I repeat try it on. Vintage is specially tricky, the sizes back a decade or two ago don't feel the same as the one's today so just do it. While you're in the fitting room inspect it all. Look at the buttons, zippers, pockets, and watch out for stains you won't be able to take out yourself. You want to save money, but you also want quality clothing so keep an eye out because some stuff is truly just too used. 

  5. NEED/WANT: Lastly, remember to ask yourself if everything you picked out and tried on is worth purchasing.  Things can get a bit too exciting when thrifting so make sure you take time to look over your goodies and see if your closet really needs it. If you are questioning yourself, try it on again and think about what you already own or if the piece is actually worth buying in that moment.