With fashion week's here in MN and in NY being done I think everyone who follows these events has taken in plenty of styling cues and tips. I wanted to share the two outfits I wore for MN fashion week along with where my inspiration came from for both of them. 

On Wednesday I decided to wear an ensemble inspired from Wes Gordon's NYFW SS16 line, for more details on that check out my CollegeFashionista post with further details on why his work taking in the '90s and Winona Ryder vibes gave me a few ideas on what to wear for the FWMN Homme's fashion show. If you read my CF post you'll se that I mentioned how his pieces portrayed silhouettes versatile for both spring and fall with deep oranges, yellows, and off whites. I layered my outfit with local designer pieces to emphasize that we were celebrating fashion week MN with leather paneled leggings by Tessa Louise, and a simple belt by ACG both of whom were designers showcased at ENVISION, also adding a fun vintage find from My Sister's Closet with my tube-shaped pearl covered handbag. 

Saturday night was a bit different for ENVISION my lovely friend DeAndre Davis helped style my outfit. He wanted me to show my true colors and style by having fun with my outfit. I wore my recent purchase from Reformation, the lovely Azura tunic dress. It had a plunging V cut, it's geometric shape overall was very comfortable to wear. I had plenty of room at the arms and although it looked overly big for my petite frame once I put it on I realized it did go in at the waist helping minimize my worries and it even had pockets! I layered this with a fun geometric focused clutch from Target, as well as a hat by H&M because hats are all the rage this year. By accessorizing in all black I was able to let the dress's pattern and colors be the focus of my outfit but not letting it get overbearing. We even made it onto ENVISION's fashionable folks gallery with City Pages how rad! As far as shoes go, I wore Steve Madden NONSTP booties to the Homme show and then for Envision I wore black Report Signature booties.

I wanted to keep pieces that trended during the spring and summer as a part of my outfit because it still wasn't chilly in MN during fashion week so I also wore bandeaus for both outfits. Another reason for the bandeaus was that I like to take photos during the shows when and if you do any type of photography you know you're moving your arms in random ways trying to get the right shot so if I had not worn bandeaus I was sure that I was going to be flashing people everywhere so it was also for my peace of mind but I enjoyed how they went along with both ensembles.

The posts previous to this one have details and pictures to both shows if you wanted to know more about them. I can't wait to see how fashion week develops here in MN. Im proud to say I live in such a creative community such as this one. Artists of all sorts love to collaborate and work hard for their passions here and there are plenty of opportunities. Fashion, as much as art and music have a home here in Minnesota.